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This was in the garage of a multi-million dollar daytrader. I lived in his guest house. We were up every weekday at 4am for premarket action. Memories… good old crazy memories that I will never forget. Good ones as well as bad ones. Somedays we be up over $90,000 (our best day) and other days we be down $25,000. Charlie Sheen was his neighbor. ha. This old 65 year old guy I worked for was super low key.  Im sure everybody was wondering what all the yelling was all the time in that garage of his. Ah, maybe I will put this stories in the “unbelievable stories” section of this site. Absolutely hilarious. You would never guess that this guy was “idiot savantand” (no joke) and was super rich. Actually I tell my friends that he was a genius. He had a photographic memory like you would not believe and his mind was a computer with numbers and graphs.

I currently live in Hong Kong. Left that 9-5 job a long time ago and enjoying life around the world. I have several ventures & hobbies that I partake in now. I am also a part time trader and model. Here’s a video of idiot me going to fix my ankle from a former Kung Fu Master. Read the rest of the story below.

Four days prior I sprained (I thought it was broken) my ankle playing basketball and coming down hard from the rim. Ive had many sprained ankles before but I could walk (limp) no problem a day or two after. However this time the whole 4 days I could not even stand on two feet ( I stayed in bed the whole time only to get up to hop to take a piss sitting on the toilet). Even if I barely put my hurt foot with no weight on a flat surface, massive pain would resonate in my entire leg.

I finally call a friend to bring me to a doctor. He says Chinese or Western. I say Western but then he says he knows a very good Chinese doctor that is a former Kung Fu Master and that he once fixed my friends dislocated ankle. So I say okay great… Kung Fu Master.. hell yea!

So he takes me to hood (gangster) part of Hong Kong. I hop over there with one crutch in one hand and the other on my friends shoulder I was in pain even hopping as I felt the blood rush in my ankle like it wanted to explode.

Anyway he come see this Master and he quickly looks at my foot and says I torn some ligaments (my friend said muscle as he translated for me but his English is not so great either) for sure and have a lot of bad blood. He said I need to eat before he does his thing and he warned that this is really going to hurt but I have the option in going to a western doctor with no pain. But with my severity of injury I would get a brace, crutches, and be down for at least 3 weeks. If have fracture then 4 plus weeks down with a cast and crutches. Or if he continued I should be able to walk out of here after hes done.

Well, after I eat I came back and I experienced the worst pain in my entire life. Right before the last phase of the treatment my friend decides to stop the video. The Master gets on one knee and for this last 5 minutes I screamed even louder. The Master also screamed so he could put more force with this thumbs into the parts that hurt the worst on my ankle. It was like a symphony or a contest of who can scream louder. I won by far. His was mostly loud grunting.

After the screaming contest was over he said get up and walk. Then he squeeze my butt cheek and I start to walk. Thats pretty much the story. Its been about 24 hours since this video and for the first time I walked out of my apartment on two feet. Master said that I should keep walking on it for rehabilitation so that’s what I am doing. He also said not to twist my foot and go easy. Need to bring more good blood back for faster healing He also suggested that if I wish I can get tape and wrap it with a little compression if need be. The only concern I have right now is, what if I do have a fracture? Every other fracture ive had before required a cast. Well that’s my story!

And I dont think I will ever go to see this Master again. The pain was just absolutely unbearable. I don’t think I can go through that again. Id rather be down for months.

PS.. I forgot to mention when I got home yesterday after the procedure I took off the wrap/ bandage and my entire ankle and above my foot was super dark purple, almost black. But when I woke this morning about 60% of it disappeared. Then I went to take a piss standing up.

Have you ever heard of the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method for ankle sprains? Ironic uh? Not being racist here as I am have Asian myself. Hell I remember when I was a little boy they used to call me rice cake. I can finally laugh about it now. Ha!