Welcome to Ex Forex Broker. We (actually its just me Virgil. It just sounds better when i say”we”) are a group of former Forex Brokers that now trade our own accounts. Now please take note that we have traded or still trade stocks, bonds, futures, commodities (oil, currencies, e-mini Dow, e-mini S&P, etc ) bitcoin, & forex. We want to provide legitimate information about forex education, trading strategies, fx robots (EAs), best forex brokers, scams, unbelievable stories and much much more about Forex.

We even want to inform you what really went on behind the so called dealings desks and even those so called “non dealings desk” and hell, even those ECNs! We want to share stories of the scams we have come across. From gurus, to robots, to selling complete rubbish crap! Even stories about traders losing over hundred thousand dollars a day to traders that made over 4000% in less then six months. Some of them didn’t even know what they were doing. No joke! Be sure to keep checking the “unbelievable stories” tab for our crazy forex trading and trader stories.

Pointers that will be discussed:

  • Education
  • Stories (who made millions and who lost a s*** load)
  • Scams (tons and tons of scams, most of those gurus don’t make crap from trading)
  • Forex Trading Robots (automated trading systems)
  • Forex Trading Strategies (remember all markets are dynamic. What strategy worked a few months ago or a year ago will need to be tweaked or totally changed this time)
  • Best Forex Brokers for USA Residents
  • Best Forex Brokers for Non USA citizens
  • Unbelievable stories